Pharma HRM
A unified complex solution that allows us to create a generalized ecosystem for the effective operation of the pharmaceutical company in the areas of sales, marketing, customer communication, data analysis.
Main strategy is working comfort
Speed and time savings
Due to a large number of implemented projects (more than 140) and narrowly-focused specifics of work (pharmaceutical market only), we quickly set up and launch even the most complicated complex solutions.

Reliability and visibility of data
Technologies and resources of the company make it possible to guarantee the reliability of data, high speed of data processing and effective visualization of data on dashboards.

Premium technical support
Full technical support (80% of requests are resolved from the first call, 95% of satisfied users).
Open knowledge base (video courses).
Personal project manager (solutions consulting for current business tasks for TOP Management).
Modern technologies
A specialized solution for pharmaceutical companies Pharma HRM combines the best practices and achievements of hundreds of pharmaceutical companies in the area of CRM/ETMS class products usage and working with DataBase / BI data.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - a business strategy aimed at formation and management of relationships with customers as well as developing their loyalty.

ETMS (Electronic Territorial Management Systems) is a territorial sales management system.

BI (Business intelligence) - a system of visual business analytics allows you to structure large volumes of data with minimal human and time costs.
How does your company benefit from the usage of Pharma HRM?
We take into account the needs and wishes of every employee in the company and your customers!
Benefits for the Head of the company
  • Saving time for evaluating the performance of all units of the company.
  • Immediate and complete management analytics for decision-making.
  • Increasing sales and market share.
  • Improving the profitability of the business.
Benefits for the Commercial Director
  • Saving time for evaluating the effectiveness of the sales and marketing departments.
  • Immediate and complete administrative analytics for decision-making.
  • Development of the client database.
  • Increasing sales and market share.
Benefits for the Head of External Service
  • Convenient tools for setting tasks and controlling the main KPI of external service.
  • Current and complete customer database.
  • Optimal distribution of territories between representatives.
  • Fair motivation system.
Benefits for the Head of Marketing Department
  • Management of marketing projects.
  • Control over compliance with marketing contracts.
  • Customer communication management.
  • Convenient learning and knowledge control system.
Benefits for the Head of IT department
  • Security and integrity of data.
  • Uninterrupted software operation.
  • Full technical support of users.
  • Integration of data with accounting systems and services of market audit.
Benefits for the Regional Manager
  • Convenient tools for setting tasks and controlling the main KPIs of the team.
  • Current and complete customer database.
  • Optimal distribution of territories between representatives.
  • Increased sales and market share.
  • Convenient learning and knowledge control system.
Benefits for the Medical Representative
  • Convenient planning and reporting tool.
  • All working information is stored in a single database.
  • Current and complete customer database.
  • Ability to use additional communication channels.
  • Smart reminders system.
Benefits for the Analytical department
  • Convenient analytical tool for working with data.
  • Ability to customize reports.
  • Integration of data with accounting systems and services of market audit.
  • Preparation of specific reports by the project support manager.
Benefits for the Customer
  • Personal attention and punctuality.
  • A representative can always answer my questions.
  • Informative and timely meetings.
  • The information is delivered in a format that is convenient for me.
  • The possibility to obtain information from different communication channels.
Pharma HRM
Functional characteristics of a complex solution for your business
Customer database
The foundation of any successful business is the customer database - it can be both physical and legal entities that your medical representatives interact with.

The database contains information about doctors, pharmacists, distributors, hospitals (healthy facilities), pharmacies (outlets), distributor offices.

Data about customers is the most valuable asset, for this reason it must be relevant (without dead souls, doubles) and complete (the maximum number of specialists that is approximate to the real one).

Companies build their working strategy that is based on customer data, categorization, history of relationships, professional connections and preferences, focusing on the most promising clients.

Axioma - the best CIS database
Customers Categorization
Categorization of the customer database is a priority for the promotion department, which will identify the most potential customers and build the right marketing strategy for working with each category of specialists.

For categorization, you can use internal data, obtained during the visits of your medical representatives (potential and disclosure, the number of patients) and external data of Pharma Category provided by our company (patient flow, visiting pressure, working experience, sales turnover, number of cash registers, geographical location).

Pharma HRM allows you to use more than 15 types of built-in categorization on Professionals and more than 10 types of categorization on Institutions (sales outlets). A personal (unique) categorization adjustment for each project is possible.
Administration of territory
Pharma ETMS (Geomarketing) - is a system that with the help of Google Maps allows you to visualize data on the customer database (Specialists, Outlets), sales (Sale In, Sale Out), visiting activity of medical representatives for the subsequent random division of territory between field employees and for the analysis of their performance.

The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma ETMS:

  • Optimal distribution of territory between medical representatives depending on the potential of the testing area. The potential of the territory is determined by taking into account the data on the number of outlets, the network belonging to outlets, the Sale In volumes of at each outlet, the turnover of each outlet, the market share of your medications in a competitive environment (Sale Out) in the selected territory.
  • Appropriate organisation of personal plans according to key KPI - Plan/actual for sales (Sale In), plan / actual as to the market share, plan /actual as to the visiting activity.
  • A detailed analysis of the work of each representative.
Sales management
One of the main tasks of Pharma HRM is sales forecasting and analysis.

Sales planning is organized in the following sections:
  • Customer planning (sales plan for each product for each specialist, for each outlet) in packages/ money.
  • Scheduling with the help of Pharma Planning sales calculator according to the wishes of sales growth for a certain period for each medication, taking into account the distribution of the territory, seasonality, history of sales data and market share in competitive groups. With the opportunity to approve and coordinate sales plans, as well as subsequently adjust to the actual sales.
The analysis of sales is based on the data obtained from the Pharma Sales reports of distributors and networks. Data can be processed independently (using automatic processing) and with the involvement of our specialists. In any of the options selected the Client receives high accuracy and speed of data processing, automatic loading of data in Pharma HRM with reference to the Axioma database (model database).
Working time management
Pharma HRM provides employees with convenient tools for planning and reporting of working time usage: visits, conferences, round tables, double visits, webinars, tasks, office, trainings, holidays, sick leaves, etc.

Activity planning has become a standard of work for future periods (a week, two weeks, sometimes a month), there is an opportunity to use automatic planning depending on certain parameters, such as the number of specialists or retail outlets assigned to representatives, categorization, dates of previous visits, the frequency of visits required according to the plan of the cycle, the geographical location of objects. 95% of reports are made by representatives directly during the visit or immediately after it using tablets. Planning visits per day takes 5 minutes in average. Reporting as to the visit takes 1-2 minutes depending on the amount of information (promotions, arrangements, comments, merchandising, order, surveys).

The management receives real time information on working schedules of representatives and their results.
Marketing Activity Management
In addition to sales management, Marketing Management plays a big role in modern pharmaceutical business. Pharma HRM allows you to organize this process using the built-in module Pharma Marketing in an optimized way.

The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma Marketing:
  • Marketing projects management: time management of projects, management of promotion channels, allocation of resources, organization of information exchange.
  • Management of marketing contracts. Monitoring compliance with terms and conditions. Calculation of the motivation system.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness: correlation of marketing expenses with sales, comparison of regional performance, profitability of each product.
  • Organization of additional communications with the target audience via automated personal mailouts of Pharma MCM (viber, sms, e-mail). You can use your own customer database or the Axioma database for mailouts.
  • Organization of customer surveys (doctors, pharmacists) within the framework of visits or using a platform for distance learning (demonstration of materials, testing the level of knowledge).
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Business analytics
Pharma HRM allows you to organize the collection of necessary information, its structuring, storage and multi-level analysis. For a detailed analysis, we use the business analytics system Pharma BI operating on the Qlik View platform. The system allows to analyze data independently and to form necessary reports. Wide functionality allows you to convert numerical indicators into visual infographics.

Basic analytics allows you to visualize and control the main information sections:
Customer database, Agency database, Business activity, GPS, Promotions, Sales, Promotional materials, CLM, Testing, Technical support, Personal KPIs.

Reports can be individually customized for each client, taking into account the wishes and specifics of the company's work. It is possible to integrate data from any source on a single platform for further analysis, no matter if it is complex databases, accounting or financial systems.
Intellectual communications
The automatic message system Pharma Autopilot that is built into the mobile version of Pharma HRM allows you to analyze large scopes of data (sales data, Axioma database, availability of products at outlets, location of employees) and, according to certain business logic, provides users with up-to-date KPI indicators and other useful information. In addition to receiving messages, the system allows employees to communicate among themselves (a regional manager with a field team, a promotion department with a marketing department).

The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma Autopilot:
  • Convenience and high speed of incoming data analysis.
  • Involvement of employees in the working process.
  • Daily monitoring of KPI at all levels.
  • Timely control of the representatives' reports.
  • Increase of marketing activities efficiency.
  • Savings on communication.
GPS monitoring
GPS / GSM monitoring system for the location of employee' devices.

Positioning the actual location of employees at any time during the working day. Adjustable interval for stopping fixation of geo-coordinates of the device. Comparison of the planned and actual location in the business analytics system. Visualization of the planned and actual itinerary on the map for more precise analysis. The system is used while working on mobile devices (tablets / smartphones).

The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma GPS:
  • Control of optimal itineraries in Pharma HRM.
  • Control of the optimal itinerary planning.
  • Control of the beginning and the end of working time.
  • Monitoring the duration of visits.
  • Control over the time and place of closing visits.
  • Cutting transportation costs.
Distance learning
Pharma eDucation - distance learning system that is designed to organize an additional qualitative and continuous learning process for both new and more experienced employees.

The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma eDucation:
  • Increasing knowledge level of the company's employees.
  • Ability to learn at a convenient time (on-the job learning).
  • Regular monitoring of all employees' level of knowledge (KPI level of knowledge).
  • Immediate training of new employees.
  • Access to a single, structured knowledge base.
  • Reducing the cost of learning process organization.
    Mobile version
    In today's world, it's hard to imagine the work of field employees without mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones allow you to work with data directly during the visit, making the work of medical representatives more convenient in terms of data analysis, material presentation (CLM presentation), planning and reporting. For managers, the mobile version allows to monitor the location of employees, the efficiency of working hours and the optimal itineraries.

    Pharma HRM can be installed on almost any modern mobile device running on iOS, Android or Windows platform. Working with the native application (off-line) will allow to work in places with poor internet connection.

    For companies that prefer to work using browsers there is an on-line web version of Pharma HRM.
    CLM presentations
    The system of marketing communication allows to deliver the key message to the client vividly and receive personal feedback or additional information for building subsequent effective communication by means of presenting materials on mobile devices (tablets).

    Various presentation formats can be used as E-Detailing content - interactive HTML5 presentations, PowerPoint, PDF.

    The main tasks resolved with the help of Pharma CLM:
    • Facilitation of dialogue between the medical representative and the client.
    • Possibility of convenient editing of materials for demonstration.
    • Obtaining prompt and qualitative feedback.
    • Integration of customer information with the CRM system Pharma HRM.
    • Detailed analysis of promotions (medications, viewing time, customer opinion, etc.).
    • Savings in paper promo materials.